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If there is a question about anything related to a possible conspiracy then Keanu has probaby asked it! But if not then, use the "Conspiracy Keanu" meme template for your own wild thoughts.

Kermit The...

Use Kermit the Frog Drinking tea as a "But that is none of my Business" style meme

Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian always seems to have the worst luck. What kind of funny meme can you make with this?

Y U No

When the solution is obvious and you must ask "Why" use the "Y U No" meme template!


When you get the urge to take a condescending attitude to some dumb behavior then use the "Condescending Wonka" meme template featuring Willy Wonka from the Chocolate Factory to get your point across.

The Most...

The most interesting man in the world has seen it all. When he does something he only does something.

Futurama Fry

Fry is my kind of guy. He knows the past and lives in the future.

Success Kid

When you win at life use Success Kid to tell your awesome story.

One Does Not...

If it is not that easy and requires skill and finess to accomplish then use the "One does not simply" meme template.

First World...

If your problem is related to capitalism or consumerism it


It takes millions of years of deep introspection to be able to think as deep as Philosoraptor, but you can try.

Grumpy Cat

All cats seem grumpy but Grump Cat just looks grumpier than normal and makes the perfect meme template.

Winter Is...

Winter is coming so be like Ned Stark and get ready for all the coffee and espresso the cold weather has to offer

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