Settings and Exports

::: Saving :::

save name
- The optional text you enter here (try to keep it short) will be added to all exported and saved file names (video, files, gifs).

save Save

::: Exporting :::

webm Export WebM
- Export to WebM video format.

::: General :::

Clear stage when adding frames: - Toggling this on will clear the stage each time a new frame is added (onion skins will show if enabled). Otherwise the current stage contents persists / is added to when adding a frame.

Onion amount: 100 - Set this to the number of onion layers you want visible.

Turn onion layers on (checked) off (un-checked) :

::: Stage Size :::

*** Warning changing the stage size will clear it and your work will be lost! Change the size before doing any work.

Choose from this list of predfined sizes that are 16:9 ratios in pixels:

Width x Height:

426x240 640x400 800x450 854x480 960x540 1024x576

Selected size: Set size

--- Custom size---

If setting a custom size, be sure you know what you ae doing. Choose a correct size for the place where your creation will be viewed. Width larger that 1024px will be reduced to 1024px. Width smaller than 400 are reduced to 400. Height smaller than 90 will be 90;

W: H:

Use custom size: use custom

Selected size: Set size

---Watermark ---

Please us keep this app it free by leaving the watermark on.

Watermark on:


edit me
add text



Select font
Bangers arial Arial Black Impact Tyko Sans Tahoma Bangers BatMan Cooper Eddie Excalibur Fintail Kings-Landing LeadCoat LittlePiggy PLUMP Sketchy PlainOmatic Sniglet Star-Trek Team-Work Actionist Blue Six Che-Lives Destroy Nordic Sinkingship typewriter Wit
frame Add Frame
hold .1
clone frame
update frame
text Add Text
options Settings/Export
Submit Img
Modify floating element =>
Fade in
Fade out
scale +
scale -
frame 0
hide Hide Library

Recently Used

Right click, long press (or CTRL V) in the box below to paste an image from your clipboard.

Paste an image
Resize stage to fit pasted image? Check =>

What is YumLoL Animate?

YumLoL Animation Studio is a powerful movie maker / animation and image manipulation program available entirely free online. You can make comics, static images as well as frame by frame stop motion animations that export to video. If you are looking for the best online movie maker that lets you use your own art then look no further.

There are many powerful features and options. The best way to learn them all is to start playing around and make something.

Use a desktop or laptop computer for the best full screen experience.


  • Frame based animation for fun stop motion style videos.
  • Tons of brushes and drawing tools.
  • Onion Skin layering - useful for seeing previous frames and for tracing.
  • Copy and paste regions to move, rotate or fade them.
  • Upload or paste (from your clipboard) your own images then edit them.
  • Add custom text.
  • For video export you can also add an audio soundtrack.
  • Ability to save and download your projects to later upload and continue editing your work.
  • And much more...

How to make videos

  • Draw your custom artwork or upload images then click the "Add Frame" button. Use "hold" time feild for frame durations.
  • Continue adding frames with new or changed content to build up your animation then press the " Play" button.
  • Click "settings" button for Video export option as well as many more configuration preferences.
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